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The only thing predictable about New Hampshire's weather is that at some point it will be cold! Don't get stuck in the cold. Call Gallagher's for all of your heating needs.

Boilers & Furnaces

Whether you heat your home with a boiler or furnace preventative maintenance is highly recommended annually. Schedule yours today and we will remind you every year! We service and repair all boilers and furnaces, gas and oil. If you find yourself needing a new system we offer complete system replacements.

Heat Pumps

With the rising cost of oil and propane many customers are looking for a more efficient way to heat and cool their home. Heat pumps provide a clean alternative without the need for fossil fuels. We can retrofit a heat pump into your existing duct system or install new duct work if needed. These can also be installed onto an existing furnace.

Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits provide a great alternative for heating and cooling homes that do not have existing ductwork. Small air handlers can be installed in each room to allow maximum control over heating and cooling. 


Whatever your heating needs are, we can help! Reach out to use to discuss your needs and we can help!

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